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Glensol and ENRX co-host Open Day to showcase critical technology


Recently, Glensol, jointly with ENRX (formerly EFD), a global green technology company, hosted a technology Open Day event for its clients, at Glensol’s Your One Stop Shop workshop.  

The two-day event aimed to celebrate a new partnership between Glensol and ENRX, as well as to present ENRX branded technology – the Induction Heating systems (heating solutions) – broadly used in offshore applications.

Anar Orujov, Deputy General Director of Glensol in his opening remarks said: “Entering partnerships is a strategic decision for us. While choosing our partners, we prioritize three fundamental aspects: capability, sustainability, and development of local competency, key factors for delivering our commitments at the highest possible quality. 

Our strategic partnership with ENRX is a good example to that.  ENRX with its decades of experience in induction heating and other green solutions helps us to provide our offshore maintenance service in a more safe, cost-effective, quick, and most importantly sustainable manner. 

Our highly trained engineers use the induction heating equipment in hazardous areas, where open flame cannot be used, to instantly apply and distribute heat in a few seconds and remove metal components easily and safely. Lastly, I want to take the opportunity to thank our partner company for all their support in training our local specialists to use this advanced technology efficiently, a significant input to nationalization strategy.”

Scott Clive Donald, Business Development Executive, ENRX said: “ENRX and Glensol will be working closely together to provide services to all clients within the Caspian Region. The trained engineers of Glensol and qualified engineers of ENRX can easily deliver the technical scopes that are vital for the industry, including from shrink fitting, coating removal, and pre and post weld heat treatment (PWHT) all the way to bolt removal.

With both parties working together very closely now, it will provide a one stop service to clients brining even more sustainability to the business and the industry in a bigger scale. And in that sense, the two-day event was a great success as it has given the customers the knowledge and seeing what value our services can bring to them and to the industry.”


Note to editors

Established in 2012, as a field operations and equipment maintenance subsidiary of Nobel Energy, Glensol has been a trusted provider – of local and international oil and gas companies with rotating equipment, including turbomachinery services and controls, operation and maintenance services – to SOCAR, bp, and other major energy companies in the region and across the world.

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