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Diversity and inclusion

We are committed to providing favorable working environment to our people by using the best employment practices, reckoning on business ethics and conduct, and embracing a diverse and inclusive culture. We appreciate that whether we can achieve good results depends on our ability to embed diversity and inclusion into our corporate culture and ways of working.

Creating a diverse and inclusive work environment helps us to find the best professionals who can demonstrate their full potential and thrive, and increase our competitiveness. We offer equal opportunities to all and respect gender, racial, ethnic and cultural equality, way of thinking, life experience and all other qualities that make each of us unique. Proceeding from the company’s approach, we strive to create a culture in which each individual is valued and believe in the power of cooperation and teamwork. Creating an enabling environment for all our employees is of tremendous importance in achieving our company’s mission of long-term success.

By hiring graduates, students, people with disabilities and senior executives, Nobel Energy is committed to building an inclusive and diverse working environment. While we support gender equality in the areas in which we operate, the nature of such work may prove challenging. There are certain difficulties in recruiting women, who account for 9 percent of our workforce, predominantly holding specialized positions.

In addition, we take part in various projects to support and facilitate the development of people with disabilities. We create a working environment that enables them to contribute to the overall work, experience a sense of satisfaction and be treated with respect in the workplace. The company currently employs 26 people with disabilities.